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Floors done.

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A few before and after.  Just finished the wall cove. 

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They look amazing.  I wish I had the coin to get mine done.  The floor needs some repair work, too.

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Blown F-150:
Man, am I jealous! 

The floor looks really good, it cleans up the whole look of the garage.

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Thanks guys, we went with this coloring called "granite" . it has some yellow in it that mactchs the paint and lots of grey for our car/truck. 

They place I used offers lifetime warranty and they are kind of pricey...but as usual, I worked a deal that was fair for a full chip floor with 2 coats of poly on top.   it is really thick.   We are just now able to walk on it and we have pending storms rolling in around 2-7 am so he told me if I had to i could park in there if the weather gets sketchy.  There are a few places I am not happy with, they actually scrape and sand the floors with a buffer before puttin gon the clear and you can really tell where they didn't hit it in the corners.   oh well...most of the corners and perimeter will be covered with cabinets and stuff.   Wife helped me lay up the wall cove.   It wasn't too hard, but outside corners are hard...inside corners are easier, we did an ok doesn't look perfect but there was nothing there and it looks more finished. 

Ok back to planning and watching weather.     Want to try and move in tomorrow afternoon...wife is tired of the kitchen and wash room all full with garage stuff.   Our patio is also packed with stuff.   

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