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Author Topic: What's your name thread!  (Read 7075 times)

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Offline Rollingrock

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What's your name thread!
« on: July 29, 2012, 10:02:12 PM »

We've come to know each other over the years but I am trying to get my arms around everyone's names.

So that said, I thought it would be fun to take the mystery out of our screen names. 

To add to it.   Post up why you have your screen name.

I will go first.

RollingRock is Jason

Why Rollingrock?   Well, funny story, the easy part, I like RollingRock beer (Well, before Budwiser bought it)  And one day, I was trying to register for F150OL and I needed a screen name...I just happen to have an open RollingRock sitting my desk so the screen name was born....I am on many sites and all of them,I am some part of many sites I am RollingrockTX  where Rollingrock was already taken...only like 2 or 3 sites.

So anywho....lest see there this goes.   I will update this post with all the names (If I can keep up.) 

The Detailers Cafe Names behind the posts:
Rollingrock is Jason
Blown F-150 is Ryan
sscully is Steve
BigSur is Greg.
Robby32 is Steve
attworh is Tony
Too-Stroked is Tom
Gipraw is Doug
Kitzy is Mike
RockPick is Brad
HWM3 is Harold
GreyMichFX4 is Dave.
Pockets is Chris
Poorboys is Steve
Truckguy24 is John
UserName is Adam
leedriver is Lee

« Last Edit: July 17, 2013, 07:45:18 PM by gipraw »
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Offline Blown F-150

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Re: What's your name thread!
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2012, 10:31:58 PM »
Blown F-150 is Ryan.

I acquired my screen name much the same as RR. I had a need for a name too when registering on F150OL. I figured since I had a F-150 with a Procharger on it, that the name worked and no-one had it. I guess if you didn't know that a Supercharger was often referred to as a blower, then maybe the name sounds a bit negative, oh well.
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Offline sscully

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Re: What's your name thread!
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2012, 10:58:12 PM »
sscully is Steve

Not very inventive, first initial & last name.   
- The email user name I get at most companies I have worked at.

150OL, I did not pay attention, the caps lock was on when I registered. 
By time I saw that, it was too late and it is all caps  :crazy:

Offline BigSur

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Re: What's your name thread!
« Reply #3 on: July 30, 2012, 06:37:39 AM »
BigSur is Greg.

I've been riding a Gary Fisher Big Sur mountain bike for the past 12 years.  Shortly after I bought my bike, I set up an email  I've been using it for screen names ever since.
Tidewater, VA

Offline Robby32

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Re: What's your name thread!
« Reply #4 on: July 30, 2012, 07:38:23 AM »
Robby32 = Steve

The Robby comes from the last name Robinson - A lot of friends and former co-workers called me Robby. (Now retired)

The 32 comes from being a Mason to be a Mason you go through the 3 Degrees (You have heard of getting the 3rd degree - that is where it comes from).  From there I joined the Scottish Rite (you have to be a Mason first) and it takes you to the 32nd degree. Then went on and joined the Shriners. So the highest degree I hold with the Masons is 32nd. (Both Grandfather and Father went through the same process)

Offline attworth

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Re: What's your name thread!
« Reply #5 on: July 30, 2012, 07:49:38 AM »
Im Tony.

Attworth is sort of a long story. Here's the gist of it. ATT is Adam and Tony Together. My dad started that, Adam is my brother. Then he'd add the city we lived in. Since I call Fort Worth home, it became attworth.

Offline Too Stroked

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Re: What's your name thread!
« Reply #6 on: July 30, 2012, 10:21:18 AM »
My name is Tom and I'm an alcoholic. Wait, wrong forum.  :redneck:

My name is Tom and I?ve always been into boats ? always powered by 2 stroke outboard motors because that?s what I grew up with and they?re generally faster. When I bought my current boat in 1995, it had a nicely modified Mercury outboard on it and I wanted a name that brought a smile to people?s faces. So what do you call a boat with a big, modified 2 stroke on the back? Too Stroked was the only way to fly.

Online GreyMichFX4

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Re: What's your name thread!
« Reply #7 on: August 02, 2012, 09:42:36 AM »
GreyMichFX4 = Dave.

I needed user name so I combined my truck color, the state I live in, and the trim package together and came up with GreyMichFX4.
Good enough never is

Offline Rockpick

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Re: What's your name thread!
« Reply #8 on: August 02, 2012, 09:55:35 AM »
Rockpick is Brad

I'm a geologist by trade... not one of those petroleum geologists that make money hand over fist... rather, I'm an environmental geologist.  My background brought me down a consulting path working for various industries and such doing soil and groundwater contamination delineation and remediation.  Since then, I've migrated more towards an environmental compliance side (air waste & water) and head up the environmental compliance group for a coal-burning electrical utility in Kentucky.

Honestly, the only time that I've really ever used a rockpick in my profession.... well, I've never used a rockpick in my 'real' profession - only as an undergraduate.  :)

I'm rockpick just about anywhere you look online.  There doesn't seem to be a lot of competition for the username.  :)

aka: Brad
Now With Scrubbing Bubbles...

Offline Pockets

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Re: What's your name thread!
« Reply #9 on: August 02, 2012, 09:58:11 AM »
Chris is the name and Pockets is my nickname at work

I was standing around one day with my hands in my pockets at a show and one of our good friends yelled over at me saying "hey pockets get over here" well it stuck ....... guess it could be worse  :dope:

Offline Truckguy24

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Re: What's your name thread!
« Reply #10 on: August 05, 2012, 06:29:30 PM »
Truckguy24 is John

Pretty much always been into trucks,  yes even like other makes if clean and properly modded lol. 24 for Jeff Gordon, been a bit distant to the sport the past fre seasons due to work and school but 24 fan for life.  Pretty boring :D

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Offline UserName

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Re: What's your name thread!
« Reply #11 on: August 05, 2012, 10:49:16 PM »
UserName = Adam

I'm sure I don't have to explain where I came up with the name. I wanted something simple that was catchy.

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Offline leedriver

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Re: What's your name thread!
« Reply #12 on: August 06, 2012, 11:47:39 AM »
I kept it as simple as possible!

 leedriver = Lee

Offline EricHaley

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Re: What's your name thread!
« Reply #13 on: August 19, 2013, 01:51:41 PM »
EricHaley == Eric Haley

Offline GeraldRooney

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Re: What's your name thread!
« Reply #14 on: August 19, 2013, 06:07:53 PM »
GeraldRooney= Sean

Gerald Rooney is Sean's drunken alias and User name on a couple of sites.


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