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2012 TDC Summer Detailing Contest

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Too Stroked:
As many of you know, horse racing has sometimes been called "the sport of kings." Detailing on the other hand has sometimes been called the sport of the OCD. But here at TDC, we celebrate the art form that truly over the top OCD behavior leads to. And that would be, um, in some cases, really neat stuff that absolutely nobody will ever see. But that hasn't stopped some of us from aligning the screw heads on all of our outlet and switch plates, pulling pebbles out of our tire treads every time we park (even in a gravel lot), spacing zip ties out along wire runs with a micrometer, etc. Yes, I could go on and on about these "silly" behaviors, but being at least partially OCD myself, they all seem perfectly normal to me.

So it is with great pleasure that Steve and I (Dave wasn't out of rehab from the Snard Contest in time to help us) announce the 2012 TDC Summer Detailing Contest for the Truly OCD. This contest is designed to bring out all of the truly wonderful (and quite frankly weird) stuff that some of us do in the name of detailing. Yes folks, what we have here is a true celebration of just how OCD one can get - when they have folks like us helping them.

The rules are actually quite simple:

1) Entries must consist of a post here - with before and after pictures and full explanation - of what was done and what techniques & products were used. (Good excuses for missing items will be considered based on their creativity though.)

2) Nothing that anybody in their right mind would consider "sane" can be entered. (So forget about that 3 day detail that you did on the Pebble Beach Concurs winning 1936 Maybach.)

3) This year's focus is on "nooks and crannies." Nooks by the way are those out of the way / hard to reach places that nobody in their right mind would even bother with detailing. Crannies are, um, well, something we can't talk about until you're much older. Wheels for instance would not be included because everybody details them. Rear differential covers on the other hand are included - because nobody details them. (As long as turkey season is over. If turkey is still in season, detail and enter the turkey. Because nobody in their right mind would ...)

4) No cute, furry animals or adorable little children can be harmed in the detailing process. (And in case you're wondering, Kitzy does not fit into either of these categories.)

5) The use of Photoshop or other digital editing software to enhance photographs is specifically prohibited - unless of course it actually enhances the photo.

6) The findings of our elite panel of judges are final - unless of course you want to try to influence us. (For a list of what's worked well in the past, PM Steve.)

7) All entries must be received before the end of the contest. The contest will end sometime after it starts, but no sooner than it ends. Entries received after the contest ends will be post dated to reflect a date not exceeding the start date, but less than the square root of Jupiter. Dates not accepted will be sentenced to a date with Tom. (And that ought to prevent that problem.)

Let the fun begin!

Tom, my cat was sitting on lap reading your post along with me.

At first she was......

Then she was......

I'm gonna have to really dig deep to find stuff to detail for this one. :crazy:

Blown F-150:
Interesting...very interesting.

First entry

Process was:
Spend 45 min trying to figure out what works...
Ended up using ISP 50/50 with a brush, MF, and Satin Dental Floss. Ended up exposing areas not painted. 
No befores.
Area is F250 driver side passenger door upper door assembly.   Taken from the open drivers door.

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Too Stroked:
Not bad at all there JP! I wonder how long until it squeeks from a lack of lubrication?


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