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Author Topic: Ragshack - Shag Rag review  (Read 1292 times)

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Offline sscully

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Ragshack - Shag Rag review
« on: April 09, 2012, 10:24:29 PM »
Got some time under my belt with these now.

They are very nice for a few things.

1. final buff of a QD on paint ( PB SnW & SnG )
2. Use with OptiClean ( 3:1 ratio from the gal )
3. The ONR 15:1 mix used like a QD ( this is the ratio for the pre soak spray when doing a ONR wash ).

They really seem to hold quite a bit. 
I don't do the MF towel wash media for ONR wash ( I use the LC grout sponge and the bottom body line I use a "cube cut " grout sponge ), but I would imagine if you use MF towel for the wash media with ONR, these might do very nice.

Took me a second to get used to the 12" x 16" size ( get too used to the typical 16x16 ), but once you get your head around you are not folding the towel wrong ( stop looking, it is correct ) the size is a non issue.

The only towel I have to compare them to is the CG Shaggy Fur ball long nap towels, and to use the word compare is not doing the Shag Rags justice.  The CG shaggy fur balls have a long nap, but it is very sparse when compared to the Shag Rags.  Hold the CG towel up to the light, and you can just about see through it.  The Shag rag, don't cover your eyes with it, it will be night time. 
In other words, the CG towel feels and looks like crap, and when you get a Shag rag, you KNOW it is crap. ( and you were had listening to the herd mentality dopes at the A* site - what are they comparing it to, a wet bounty towel ? )

Thought I would pass along what I have learned using them for a few weeks now.

Offline Obsessive Detail

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Re: Ragshack - Shag Rag review
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2012, 09:10:26 AM »
Nice review, I'm glad you are happy with it!  :clap:


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