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Introducing the NEW TDC Photo Gallery ****


Do to the hacker attack the gallery is now open again...if you get a chance, check it out and start your own gallery.

Incase some of you didn't see this yet!  Exciting news at the Cafe!  

Dear Cafe Member:

On behalf of the owners and staff here at The Detailer's Cafe, we want to thank you again for your continued support and enthusiasm for our site.  We know that it's members like you that continue to make this site what it has become and what it will become in the future.

In an effort to continue to provide you with the best Cafe experience as possible, we would like to invite you to take part in our newest addition.  The Member Photo Gallery .   Within this new section, you will be able to create your own photo gallery and bulk load photos to it.  Please note that the photos are watermarked for the Cafe.   After extensive testing over the past couple of weeks, we are not fully aware of any sizing or performance issues pertaining to the site.  If you happen to encounter a bug or have a question regarding this new feature, please do not hesitate to contact us as we want this new addition to be a beneficial item for all of our members.  

There are a few things to consider before posting.  

1.  Do not expect it to be as fast as photobucket.  Loading 5 photos at a time to the site will take a few min.  When loading, allow it to finish and don't hit the submit button twice or hit back on your browser, this will cause a time out and you will have to start over.

2.  It may take just a little bit of time for everyone to figure out the qwirks that are associated with this new addition (including us).  While we believe that we're up and running at 100%, someone may find something that will take a minute to work through.  Please be patient while learning the new system and with us as we will do our best to work through any problems.

3.  We have limited the space that you can use so we can monitor the server performance a little better and hope to increase those as needed.  If server performance is hampered, we may opt to tail the utilization back a bit.  We will have to evaluate and react as the system is used.  Further, as upgrades are available for this add-on, we will make an effort to upgrade and patch.

4.  For simplicity for posting photos within our forums, we have also included the BBC codes so that you can cut and paste your photos and put them into other posts and other forums as well as our own here.  This makes very easy to post photos right here.  (We would recommend having two sessions going when posting photos).

5.  As you are loading photos you will see how much space you have alloted to your gallery.  This will help you manage the photos that you have.  If you are approaching your disk quota, it may be a good idea to remove some photographs so that others may be uploaded.  Further, utilizing a freeware program like Irfanview may help you make your photos smaller before uploading them to our system.  This will help you conserve your server space/disk quota.

As always, if you have questions about this addition or need a little bit of guidance on how to utilize it, please don't hesitate to contact us or another staff member.  We sincerely appreciate your continued participation on the site.  We look forward to you growing with us.  

Rollingrock & Rockpick
AKA: The Rocks

Thanks guys!

This is turning into a really nice place!


Too Stroked:

Many thanks for this and all of the other neat things on this site. I'll start loading pics as soon as I get back home!

did anyone notice that the gallery has a slide show function?  It's very slick.

Hope you all enjoy it.


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